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At Amy's Rocky Mountain Aussies, we truly believe our breeding and rearing methods are second-to-none. Our selection of male animals is unrivaled, with a variety of pedigrees, ages and dispositions. From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all.



Registered name: CH. Lindsey's Dancing Circles " Spinner"

DOB: 10/12/2013

10 inches - 11lbs

We love all our animals at Amy's Rocky Mountain Aussies, but Spinner is one of the most beautiful and loving types of this breed we have ever seen. He is definitely a champion!


Registered Name:  Lindsey's Hustler Bear
DOB: 03/02/2019
13 inches - 14 lbs.
You seriously can't get copper any darker than this!!! We are shook at how handsome this boy is.  His full white collar and blue eyes are defiantly hereditary.  Most Hush babies have these.  All of these qualities are admirable but we love this sweet boy mostly because of his GIANT HEART! He throws very beautiful and boldly marked Toys! You want a hush baby!



Registered name:  Rancho Loco Kactus "Louie"

DOB: 4/22/2019

10 inches - 10lbs

This is one tiny ball of fire.  To accompany his cuteness, this little man has a personality bigger than the sun! His face an eyes are so sweet and his heart is set on pleasing. He is well behaved and as smart as you could ask a dog to be. Loves to fetch too! His puppies have such get color and they often have a calm nature just like their dad!

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